Everyday People Coffee & Tea Lands at Orchard Grocer in NYC

Everyday People Coffee & Tea Lands at Orchard Grocer in NYC

Jun 18, 2022
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A Taste of Indonesia Comes to the Lower East Side
Bali Blue Coffee Lands on the Shelves of Manhattan’s Orchard Grocery


WASHINGTON D.C., April 18, 2022 – Providing cruelty-free products is what Orchard Grocery is all about, and the newest coffee to hit their shelves was produced under that same ideology. The Bali Blue coffee from Everyday People Coffee & Tea has found a new home at the all-vegan deli and market in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. This best-selling coffee gives back with every bag, and it joins a spectacular inventory of products that strive to make the world a better place.  

Everyday People Coffee & Tea is a female-owned company that focuses on single-origin and ethically sourced coffee and teas. The coffee is farmed by local farmers, and every product sold gives back to the communities that help to produce it. A percentage of the profits also goes to organizations supporting youth education as well as those making efforts to conserve nature and protect our planet. 

Grown in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Mount Agung in the Kintamani highlands of Bali, Indonesia, Bali Blue coffee beans get their name from the unique blue color they have before roasting. The beans are grown and hand-picked by local farmers using a 1,000 years-old irrigation system once built by Hindu priests, and the spirit of the past still nourishes these trees. This medium-dark roast flaunts notes of rich dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar that will please the pallet on a bright morning as much as a rainy afternoon. 

“Based on the Hindu ideology of Tri Hita Karna they believed in the peaceful harmonization and happiness of humans and nature, a belief that is still present today.”

-Everyday People Coffee & Tea


Orchard Grocery knows something about history. Although they are modern in their all-vegan selection, their products and deli items have been inspired by New York’s rich and diverse culinary history. They don’t just carry any goods, they carry select items that have been created around compassion, and the Bali Blue Moon roast is the new star of the show. 

About Everyday People Coffee and Tea

Everyday People Coffee & Tea was founded in 2018 with the goal of making a difference in the practices of one of the world’s beloved industries. This women-owned business is fueled by a desire for single-origin coffee derived through eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Every bag of coffee or tea is ethically sourced directly from the farms their grown own and returns equitable wages back to workers. In addition to providing products that help to change the industry at large, Everyday People Coffee & Tea shares the stories and struggles facing the industry while giving back to youth and communities in need. 

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