DashMart is Connecting Communities with Local Businesses

DashMart is Connecting Communities with Local Businesses

Jun 18, 2022

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And They’re Delivering Everyday People Coffee & Tea Products to Your Doorstep

Washington, D.C., June 10, 2022 – The way we shop continues to evolve, and Everyday People Coffee & Tea is showing up for it. The coffee and tea retailer is now part DashMart, one of the newest direct-to-consumer shopping platforms. They’re featured alongside other fan favorite retail products, including everything from dog food to spices and chips. With day-to-day necessities delivered with the click of a button, DashMart isn’t only increasing convenience for their customers, but it’s also a new channel through which local businesses can reach customers. 

DashMart is owned, operated, and curated by the popular delivery service Door Dash, which has extended its partnership with major national brands as well as with local restaurants and vendors in each DashMart location. The expanded selection of products available for home delivery now include thousands of popular grocery and convenience items. Through DashMart, Door Dash aims to further connect customers with the best products that their city has to offer, all while continuing to help Main Street businesses thrive as well.

“DashMart is a new type of convenience store, offering both household essentials and local restaurant favorites to our customers’ doorsteps.” 

  • Andrew Ladd, Director, New Verticals 

DashMart is a continuation of the Door Dash commitment to helping businesses succeed. By increasing accessibility to retailers, they don’t only want to help existing businesses, but they also hope to inspire the formation of even more local businesses. It’s a new way of reaching potential customers that will change not only the interface of shopping, but the retail environment as a whole.

Everyday People Coffee & Tea is one of the featured retailers now available through DashMart that you won’t want to miss. Known for fairtrade and sustainable coffees and teas, this women-owned company sells products that aren’t only delicious, but part of a mission to do better. The profits from every product sold provide equitable wages and fair working conditions throughout the coffee and tea production lines, while a percentage also goes to helping youth and their communities. 

DashMart is currently available in eight cities across the US, and several more will be added in the coming months. Current operating locations include Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Redwood City, and Salt Lake City. In California, Concord, Sacramento, and San Diego will soon also have delivery services, as well as Baltimore, MD and Denver, CO. 

About Everyday People Coffee & Tea

Everyday People Coffee & Tea was founded in 2018 with the goal of making a difference in the practices of one of the world’s beloved industries. This women-owned business is fueled by a desire for single-origin coffee derived through eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Every bag of coffee or tea is ethically sourced directly from the farms they’re grown on and returns equitable wages back to workers. In addition to providing products that helps change the industry at large, Everyday People Coffee & Tea shares the stories and struggles facing the industry while giving back to youth and communities in need.

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