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Six Bean Espresso Custom Blend- Dark Roast



This custom creation house blend; specifically intended for espresso includes a moderate mixture of acidity and a fruity flavor blend from Kenya and Ethiopia. Indonesian robusta beans are added for an even crema, with a blend of Central and South American beans for a smooth complete finish. This blend is mostly created with Arabica beans with the addition of Indonesian Robusta beans for an added bonus of extra caffeine.  


Roast Level: Dark Roast  

Tasting Notes: Smooth Body , Chocolate, Earthy and Nut

Origin: Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Central, and South America 

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Start your day the right way with the Six Bean Espresso Dark Roast. Our exclusive custom blend of beans gives you the perfect balance of a bold and robust flavor with just the right amount of caffeine kick. Crafted from 100% Arabica beans and available in both ground and whole bean, the Six Bean Espresso Dark Roast is ideal for the coffee enthusiast who is looking for that extra boost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Darryl B.A.

Coffee was great.

Rich and not bitter

Really good whole bean espresso that grinds up a little dry but has lots of aroma and flavor. I definitely noticed the cacao and deeply pungent, sweetly fruity notes that practically sang in this coffee as they're bright on the palate and very present even after a few weeks in the canister. I do my best to keep my beans fresh but some brands just lose flavor even after a few days. I was impressed to find that these stayed pretty fresh for about two weeks or so, and the coffee tasted wonderful cup after cup. Not a lot of bitterness or acidity, just a gently round, mellow, smooth cup of coffee that produced lots of nice crema as well. I'm overal very happy with this brand of beans and would definitely consider purchasing them again. Recommended.

Good Espresso

This coffee comes in whole bean, and you can smell the aroma when you open the bag. It is a dark roast, and has low acidity and tastes a bit like chocolate. I ordered the six bean blend, and I must say that it makes a delicious espresso. Easy to grind, with a nice scent, and leaves no aftertaste of bitterness, which is great in a dark roast. I will say that while my husband drinks his coffee black, I use creamer or foamed milk in espresso (which I guess makes it a cappuccino), but it's very good either way. The price is decent for the amount you get and is comparable to other coffees on the market. I would purchase this again.

Not bad but a little bitter

Everyday People Coffee & Tea Six Bean Espresso was drinkable and fairly enjoyable. It wasn't as bold as I expect an espresso roast to be, and was slightly bitter and less smooth thank I like. I drink it black. My husband puts a bit of sugar in his and seemed that seemed to help the bitterness for him. It's not super bitter, just a hint, some people like that. The beans were fresh, easy to grind, and made a nice cup.

Fairly good, not the boldest flavor

For reference, we use a pour over coffee maker and we also drink it black (to really savor the flavors as much as possible). Overall, this coffee was good. It didn't quite stand out to me so much as others I've had. It wasn't so much of a bold flavor, so if you like that, then maybe try this coffee. It was just fine and gave me the caffeine kick I needed. In terms of freshness, it was also ok. These come as whole beans, which I always prefer so we can preserve the freshness a little longer and grind them ourselves. I really like the "sustainably sourced" aspect, and for that, I liked this coffee more.