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Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee Grinder



The Sette 270Wi is engineered to grind faster, more consistently, and more efficiently than the average home grinder.

The Sette 270Wi is the only coffee grinder whereby grind-by-weight precision allows dosing within 2-3 beans into the portafilter for superior, dependable espresso creation.

The advanced features of the Sette allow for a consistent and precise espresso grind for enhanced mouth feel and flavor, making it one of the most superior home espresso grinders available. The macro-adjustment of thirty steps plus its stepless micro-adjustment system provide a virtually endless array of grind settings for diverse espresso blends, enabling the user to explore the various nuances of sweetness, acidity, and body in each roast. The Sette additionally offers excellent fine grinding for a single-cup pour-over.


The“i” in 270Wi stands for intelligence-the grinder now quickly calculate sand predicts the stop point when you change your grind setting,beans, or dose weight.This eliminates the need to adjust the offset. The new 270Wi maximizes its built-in Acaia high precision scale by filtering unpredicted vibrations that could affect dosing accuracy, such as door closures, footsteps, unsteady surfaces.

A “quick burst” feature allows you to add smalli ncrements of coffee to your final dose after the grinder has stopped.

In the event of a software update, it can be installed wirelessly via the integrated Bluetooth using Applephone or tablet.

Grinding Mechanisim

The Sette Series has, at its core, a revolutionarygrinding mechanism that produces game-changing performance. Key aspects of thisinnovative mechanism include:

  • Straight-thru grinding of the beans (highlyefficient and results in minimal residualcoffee in the system).
  • Rotation of the outer ring burr (with twicethe surface area of the cone burr) along withproprietary tooth geometry, producesgrinding thru-put that is two to three timesthat of others in its class.
  • Proprietary gear box (planetary + crowngear) that maximizes efficiency oftorque transfer, resulting in lower powerconsumption and much less heat.
  • Powerful DC motor for maximum startingtorque and efficiency, resulting in cooleroperation


Speed To Grind: Espresso: 3.5g/sec —Manual Brewing: 5.5g/sec

Power Rating: 220-240VAC 50/60 Hz, 240W 1.6A, class I 100-120VAC 50/60 Hz, 200W 2.6A

Burrs: 40mm steel burrs

Safety Listing: UL/CSA/CE/EK

Bean Hopper Capacity: 10oz (300-400g)

Certifications: CB, ETL, cETL

Ground Bin Capacity: 5.5oz (160g)

Designed & Engineered: Seattle, WA

Weight: 3.2 kg (7.2 lbs)

Manufactured & Assembled: Taiwan

Dimensions: L/H/D (cm) 13/ 40/ 24

Burr Manufacturing: Eztinger in Liechtenstei

Customer Reviews

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Monica. S.
High Powered Grinder

The 270 is the best option for those who brew a lot of espresso, super fast

Cool Grinder

Nice grinder and super fast