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Top of The Morning Coffee Bundle


Need an extra kick in the morning ( or evening). Our "Top of the Morning" bundle is just for you. Dedicated to the person thats "on the go" This bundle consists of our two specialty blend high caffeine coffees. In this bundle you will receive the following (2) 12(oz) whole bean coffee 

Bali Blue : This is a medium light roast custom creation high caffeine house blend. Specifically geared towards anyone that needs that extra boost in the morning ( or evening!).  This blend is created with arabica beans from Tanzania with robusta Indian beans to create this high caffeine coffee. 

 6 Bean Espresso:  This custom created dark roast house blend; specifically intended for espresso includes a moderate mixture of acidity and a fruity flavor blend from Kenya and Ethiopia. Indonesian robusta beans are added for an even crema, with a blend of Central and South American beans for a smooth complete finish. This blend is mostly created with Arabica beans with the addition of Indonesian Robusta beans for an added bonus of extra caffeine.