The Power of Giving Back: How Everyday People Coffee & Tea Supports Our Communities

The Power of Giving Back: How Everyday People Coffee & Tea Supports Our Communities

Feb 19, 2024

In a world where the pursuit of success and power often takes center stage, it’s important to remember that true greatness is only achieved when everyone involved comes out ahead. At Everyday People Coffee & Tea, we recognize that giving back is a powerful force that transcends the realm of commerce to reach the heart of our society. It’s about recognizing the responsibility to uplift those around us, and it forms the foundation of our business and all that we do. 

We are committed to selling only the finest coffee beans and loose leaf teas, and we understand that such quality can only be achieved through the care and skilled labor of the farmers who tend these crops. That’s why our commitment is not merely about offering premium products to our customers, but it’s about recognizing the far-reaching impact of our practices and operations. 

We understand that true success is obtained through a full-circle system where everyone involved comes out ahead. Our success should benefit the soil where our products first take life and those who care for that land as much as the fruits of their labors benefit both our business and those who get to enjoy the flavorful beverages that these products render. 

For that reason, Everyday People Coffee & Tea is built around the concept of direct sourcing, in which we source 95% of our coffee beans and loose leaf teas directly from the farmers who grow them. Direct sourcing empowers farmers by cutting out intermediaries so that a significant share of the profits goes directly back into their hands. 

Not only does direct sourcing foster economic stability and growth opportunities for the communities that depend on the coffee and tea trade, but it also allows us to be involved in every step of the process. Working directly with farmers has led to real human connections built on care and trust, making it easy to ensure that every new batch meets the high-quality set of standards that our customers love and deserve. 

Our commitment to giving back doesn’t stop at direct sourcing, but extends into our immediate communities as well. By allocating a percentage of all product sales to some amazing organizations committed to helping youth, families, and the environment, we hope to contribute to positive change in the lives of those around us. These groups are deeply rooted in the communities they serve, working to enhance the diverse lives of individuals in need through inclusivity and community support. 

  • L’Arche GWDC works to provide housing and support services for adults with intellectual disabilities in the greater Washington D.C. area. 
  • So What Else provides food, basic necessities, and out-of-school programs for children and families in underserved communities in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area. Their programs focus on literacy, athletics, and the arts, and they offer volunteer opportunities for all ages. 
  • Best Buddies International is a nonprofit that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by creating occasions to foster friendships, develop leadership skills, and find integrated employment and inclusive living opportunities.
  • The Salvation Army National Capital Area Command supports individuals in crisis in and around the nation’s capital by providing meals, paying bills, and helping them find long-term solutions. 
  • FCBA Foundation supports community and educational services to support the leaders of tomorrow in the Washington D.C. area. 
  • Hearts & Homes for Youth uplifts and empowers youth recovering from trauma and mental health issues, helping them move on and make positive life choices. 

At Everyday People Coffee & Tea, we understand that giving back and creating a ripple of positive change in our communities is just as important as providing premium, high-quality products. Our commitment to sourcing directly from farmers while supporting some fantastic organizations ensures a community-centric approach that improves the lives of all who are affected. Our mission is a testament to the belief that true success is measured by the collective impact of our endeavors, leaving a better and more united society in our wake.  

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