Papua New Guinea Single Origin- Medium Roast


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Bag Size | 12oz


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Papua New Guinea Single Origin- Medium Roast




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      Papua New Guinea; one of the worlds most diverse country and also least explored with 852 known languages with many researchers agreeing there are many undiscovered species or plants and animals within the country. 


      Coffee is the  highest foreign exchange earner for the country. Approximately 2-3 million people is directly impacted through its production and export. with over 50% of households participating in the growing and harvesting of coffee 

      Sourced from farms within the Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative (SOAC) located in the province of Chimbu, Papa New Guinea this coffee is especially great for a cold brew or pour over coffee. 

      SOAC directly connects international coffee markets for farmers in turn creating a higher earning capacity from direct trade relationships. SOAC also assists farmers with the financing, quality, organic certification and community based projects promoting gender equality, equal pay and education. 

      Roast Level: Medium 

      Tasting Notes: Caramel Honey and Fruit

      Process: Fully washed and sun dried arabica beans 

      Varietals: Catimor, Caturra

      Origin: Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea

      Grower: Small agricultural cooperatives in Chimbu.

      Altitude:1600 M

      Certifications: A/X

      Availability: Year Round



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